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Bundle / S600 GPS Antenna Option + Cable 68.6m

Bundle / S600 GPS Antenna Option + Cable 68.6m

Part Number: 990-15202-225
Language: NS
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Antenna cables and accessories enable versatile solutions that are easy to achieve. inline gnss amplifiers installed at the antenna are an easy way to extend cable runs from 225 feet to up to 900 feet, depending on cable type. lightning arrestors provide valuable electrical shock protection to the syncserver. antenna cable splitters leverage a single antenna and cable for up to four gnss receivers.
ordering antenna components is a simple task. the most important thing the user needs to have is a rough idea of the total cable length needed between the syncserver and the mounting location of the antenna. any extra cable can be coiled to the side.
preconfigured kits that include cable, antenna, and related mounting accessories are available. these kits vary by total cable length, and based on whether a lightning arrestor is required or not. for long cable runs (>225 ft.), the components are assembled individually.